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I help my clients find wholeness through loving the unlovable and showing hospitality to strangers––beginning with the unlovable strangers in themselves.

I’ve been privileged to partner with clients who want help with: emotion regulation, depression, anxiety, attachment wounds, unwanted sexual behaviors, old baggage from middle school, childhood abuse, dissociation, somatic issues, spiritual growth, church hurt, cross-cultural adjustment, shame, anger, grief, existential questions, & post-traumatic stress.

Rainforest Suspension Bridge

Individual Therapy

Journey from Fragmentation to Flourishing

Therapy is a unique kind of relationship.  It's both professional and personal, science and art.  Its nature is to hold together what is often kept separate.

A lot of my clients are looking to reconnect their brains to their bodies.  They're tired of feeling numb, empty, or checked out.

Others need space to let their anger join their sadness.  They're surprised when joy shows up to the party unannounced.

Still others need to connect past to present, or inside to outside.

Every step toward wholeness is a step toward flourishing.  

The way to flourishing involves curiosity, compassion, playfulness, and, I would say, hospitality.  Please reach out if this is something you would like to explore with me.  

Counseling for Christians & Ex-Christians

Individual therapy with special sensitivity to your story with Jesus and the Church.

I'm a committed Christian with a degree in biblical studies and about a decade of ministry experience.  I've survived a spell in Christian fundamentalism and I've been around Christian nationalism more than I care to say.  While I've personally felt the dissonance of those ways of life, even questioned whether it was possible to follow Jesus any other way, I know today that the Resurrection means that we can live lives of genuine wholeness and flourishing.  

So, if you're deconstructing the dysfunctional entanglements of your Christian upbringing, or you want to develop a more whole-hearted faith, I would love to help.  

This could involve healing from spiritual abuse, church hurt, toxic theology, or how religion has been misused as a replacement for love or a defense against feeling.  For ex-Christians, my hope is that you'll make peace with your past and the people who live there.

For those remaining in the faith, it might also involve––and I hope it will––prayerful engagement with God in session and a greater capacity to embody his love in the world.  

Fruit and Leaves
Sitting in the Stairwell

Group Therapy

For Christian men struggling with unwanted pornography use and other unwanted sexual behaviors.

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Request an Appointment

Request an appointment for an in-person session at Great Oaks Therapy Center in Kansas City, or for a tele-therapy session from anywhere in Missouri.

If you are interested in the group for unwanted pornography use, send an email, call, or use the contact form on the home page.

I am a provisional license professional counselor (PLPC) pursuing independent licensure in Missouri.  
I practice under the supervision of Emily Viet, LPC, MO #2012032191

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