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A therapeutic group for Christian men struggling with unwanted pornography use.

Eikon is the Greek word for "image".  We're the image of God.  This group is for those who feel bound by the images of pornography, who desire liberation and restoration in the image of Jesus, the perfect embodiment of the love of God.

This group will meet you in the places porn addiction thrives.  In the place of isolation, this group will be community; in the place of shame, you'll find warm welcome.  

Over the course of 10 weeks, we'll explore your story with compassionate attention to the wounds that feed porn addiction: shame, isolation, family dysfunction, & trauma.  

Participation in the group requires a 10-week commitment.  The cost is $390 for the 10 weeks.  Each meeting is 90 minutes.  (By comparison, individual therapy for the same amount of time would be $1,800.)

If you're interested in participating in this group, email Andrew at  He will schedule a free consultation with you to discuss details and answer any questions you have.

Sitting in the Stairwell

I am a provisional license professional counselor (PLPC) pursuing independent licensure in Missouri.  
I practice under the supervision of Emily Viet, LPC, MO #2012032191

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